Tips to Become a Better Boss This Year

Better Boss

How was your performance as a boss in 2018? Were you satisfied with what you have accomplished? Were there milestones that you are totally proud of? Whether you feel like you did well or not, you need to improve this year. You still have a lot to learn and there are more areas where you can do a better job as a boss. These tips might be useful for you.

Know yourself even more

You keep working hard. You spend time even after office hours to finish the job. You might be doing an excellent job as a boss, but you forget to spend time to stay alone and reflect. You still have a lot to learn and there are more things that you do not yet know about yourself. This year, you need to set a time when you can be alone and forget everything else. You can join a retreat or travel in a distant place. You can also join conferences with other leaders. In the process, you get to know yourself more and find out what you are capable of.

Encourage your team members to collaborate

Encourage your team members to collaborate

You need to spend more time brainstorming this year. Do not think that you are the only person thinking for the team. Your role is to not just assign tasks to people and collect the assignment during the deadline. You need to encourage everyone to think collaboratively. It helps if you open up even some of the most significant decisions to the team and let everyone share their thoughts. The only thing to remember is that once you do it, you need to be open to suggestions. Do not let people collaborate for the sake of doing it, and once they come up with ideas, you throw those ideas away.

Spend more time with your employees

If you think you are good at assigning tasks to your employees and telling them what to do, you are not really the kind of boss that they need. These days, even bosses go down to the level of their employees and work with them. Get your hands dirty and do the tasks that are beyond what bosses do. It allows you to have perspective on what the others are doing. As long as you do not micromanage, it is okay to work with your employees. You can also mentor them along the way and you will surprisingly learn a lot from them too.

Learn how to stay calm

You know that everyone in your team relies on you as their boss. They look up to you for help. Therefore, in the face of crisis, you need to learn how to stay calm. You might have been lucky in 2018 when you did not face significant challenges. You cannot predict what could happen this year. If things get off track, learning how to stay calm helps a lot.

You can still be a better leader and you need to do everything you can to help your employees and pull the company up.

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