Tips in Keeping Your Best Talents So They Won’t Leave Your Company

Best Talents

It is rare finding someone who is the perfect person for the job. Sometimes, you end up settling for someone who is not as qualified in hopes that there will be improvement along the way. Once you have found a great talent who is worth keeping, make sure that you keep this person and not let him go.

Take note that if this person is really good at doing the job, other companies can easily pick him out of your team by providing better offers. Here are some tips to ensure that your top talent won’t leave your side.

Build a good relationship with your team

Employees don’t stay just because of money. Most of them also want a great working environment. If they feel like they belong to a family and they are not stressed out in their job, they might opt to stay. Even if they find other jobs that offer higher salary package, they might just decide to stick with you. You can be a boss and a friend at the same time.

Give promotions or bonuses based on performance


Don’t make decisions on who to promote based on someone’s educational background. You need to check previous performances to determine if he is capable in taking the managerial position. You need to find people with natural abilities to lead. If you have found a top talent in your team and this person is not given the credit or role he deserves, he could easily just leave the company.

Provide incentives based on what matters most

Once you have found the best people in your team, you need to know what matters most to them. Some of them are after money because they have children to raise. Others are after responsibilities and challenges. This is true especially among younger employees. There are also those who want to have longer breaks with pay. You can customize the incentives based on what matters the most to your employees.

Give them the right responsibilities

When you have a really good performer in your team, it is easy for you to have this person overwork. You don’t want to waste the chance to make the most out of his abilities. However, you tend to forget that this person can also get burnt out. If the stress is too much, he might decide to leave. Conversely, you also feel worried that you give a lot of tasks to a point that you give a little and this ends up making the person feel bored. Find out what responsibilities they want and they can accomplish.

Stand up for the best people in the team

Even those who perform really well can end up getting stressed out because of other employees or other bosses. If you know this person is really good at doing the job, you need to be there for him. By knowing that someone will be there to back him up, he will feel better staying in the team.

Top talents are a gem. You should do everything you can to protect them and make them stay in your team.

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