Tips in Getting More Clients Without Annoying Them

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You definitely understand how it feels to be asked to buy something even if you don’t need it. This is true especially if the person selling the product seems too pushy. You might have been convinced to buy the product if only the person was not that pushy. As a business owner, you should also think the same way. There are a lot of people out there who are willing to buy your products, but you should not push their buttons. Instead of winning their hearts, you might end up annoying them and pushing them away. This is true not only in face to face marketing, but even in internet marketing. There is a fine line between advertising and being pushy. Here’s what you need to do.

Entertain questions

It is extremely important that you deal with questions from people who are interested about your business. Just stick to those questions and give them meaningful answers. Don’t try to push further by advertising stuff to them. Just take it slow. If their questions were answered and they decided to take it one step forward, this is the time for you to go all out in advertising your product.

Avoid generic email marketing if possible


It is common among business owners to send email blasts. Several people will receive the email in one go. Although it saves time, it doesn’t really add value to your business. It does nothing other than to annoy your target audience. Instead of winning them over, they end up looking for other options.  The key is to be more personal in sending emails. Use their real names if possible. This might take time and effort, but is definitely worth it.

Don’t pressure clients to make immediate purchase

This is a big no. You might succeed in forcing your client to buy something for now, but this is not the goal. The goal is to make them long term clients. You want to stick with them for a long time. Asking them to buy now and pushing them really hard to get what you offer might work, but it could be the last time that you have them as a client.

Focus on solving problems

As always, selling products should not be all about the product itself, but on solving other people’s problems. In fact, the reason why you are in the industry to begin with is because your product is deemed as an effective solution to various problems. If you keep talking about how good the product is without necessarily telling them how it can help them solve their problems, they won’t buy it at all. There is nothing wrong in talking about your products for as long as you don’t just discuss the generic benefits. You should also focus on what you can offer to them in solving their problems.

Advertising is really tricky. You want to keep selling the products but not to a point where you already annoy people. They need to be given time to decide and think of what is best for them.

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