Tips in Dealing With Investors Who Seem Unimpressed With Your Business Pitch

Business Pitch

When pitching ideas to potential business investors, you hope for a positive result. Without the funding from these wealthy individuals, you can’t transform your ideas into a reality. The problem is that even if you have great ideas, there’s no assurance that these investors will feel impressed. They could still decide against giving you the necessary funds for whatever reason. It’s painful to see an opportunity go, but it’s not yet over. These are the next steps to take. 

Be grateful to these investors


Even if you didn’t get the results you hoped, these investors still gave their time. It means a lot for an aspiring entrepreneur like you. Besides, these investors run in circles. If you say something terrible after the rejection, it could easily spread around. Other potential investors might also decide to avoid you even without hearing you. 

Ask for feedback

These people seemed unimpressed now, but it doesn’t mean they will feel that way forever. It’s possible that a few changes can convince them to trust you. Instead of assuming they disliked everything or give up, these comments will inspire you to do a better job next time. 

Present yourself better 

You’re talking to people who have years of experience in the business. They know what they’re doing. They also invested in a lot of other business ideas before. Therefore, when they reached a conclusion, it means that they already considered several factors. If you feel confident about your business ideas, the problem could be you. It’s possible that you sound too cocky and arrogant. You might have also failed to prepare well for the presentation. You didn’t dress well. Your slides look dull. You failed to answer questions. Next time, you need to enter the room more prepared. 

Evaluate what happened

Talk to the people on your team and determine what went wrong. Perhaps, everyone can give an honest assessment on what brought the team down. It doesn’t have to be a finger pointing to a specific person. The goal is to make everyone aware about what happened and think of ways to do better in the future. In the process, emphasize the need to be open and understanding. The evaluation is intended to help everyone think of better ways to get the desired results in the future. 

Learn from other successful startups

Perhaps, you can also take a few notes from successful startups. Find out how they got their funding and impressed potential investors. You can also follow their footsteps, or do even better. 

Never lose hope

You’ve experienced a bump on the road, but it’s not over. You still have a lot of chances to improve in the future. You might have even been rejected by this investor because you’re not a perfect match. You will find someone better who understands your thoughts and will be supportive of you.

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