Things to Do When Work Starts To Be Overwhelming

Overwhelming Work

When you are new to your job, you might feel excited about it. You try your best to be productive. You want to be a useful member of the organization. You might even be eyeing for a promotion in the future and you want a good record. However, at some point, your work starts to be overwhelming. You feel like you already have loads of work on top of another. If you start feeling this way, these are some things you need to consider doing.

Take a break

A 3 to 5 minute break would already suffice. Stand up from your chair and move around. Head to the office garden if you have one. If not, going to the break room or pantry would already be enough. As long as you are away from your job for some time, it helps make you feel refreshed. Once you start working again, you can be more focused.

Do something else

When you start to feel overwhelmed, you can do something that will make you forget your work even for a while. Check an unrelated website. Watch funny videos. Read news stories that are positive. It might be taking precious minutes away from you to finish your job, but you need it to ensure that you keep doing a quality job.

Write your thoughts

When you write how you feel, it helps a lot. People have different ways to express themselves. Some would love to share their thoughts with other people. If you cannot do it as everyone else is busy, you can get your journal and start writing. Sometimes, expressing how you feel, regardless of the manner, could be useful.

Listen to music

Listen to music

Music always works wonders. You can use it as a form of stress relief at work. Get your headphones and turn on your favorite songs. Even if you only listen to one track, it is already enough to make you feel better. Find songs that you prefer.


Meditation is such a powerful relaxation tool. It helps you disconnect from the world for a while especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. Try to close your eyes, sit straight and visualize something that makes you feel good. It could be a day at the beach or a special moment with your family. You also need to start being aware of your breathing. Meditation does not have to take a lot of time. You do not even have to do it at work. Even when riding a bus, you can meditate if you have mastered the art of doing it.

Do not let your work overwhelm you. The job will always be there, but your health could start to deteriorate. Some people have died because of being overworked. You need to find a way to help you relax especially when the going gets tough.  

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