Things to Avoid During a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

Meetings via Zoom are becoming the norm these days. The platform is easy to use and it can include plenty of employees at once. The problem is that some employees have become too comfortable in using the platform, and forget that they have to maintain professionalism. Sure, they’re working from home, but the Zoom meeting is a part of office work. If you need to take part in this call, these are some things you need to avoid. 

Entering late 

You have to show up on time. As soon as the host opened the meeting, you should be there right away. Don’t make everyone wait for you. The meeting is only a part of the job. You still have other things to deal with, and so will your fellow employees. Sleep early if you know that there’s an early Zoom meeting. Besides, you can’t complain about how early the meeting is. It’s still part of the office hours, and you should be responsible enough in managing your time. 

Not wearing appropriate outfit

You must have seen several videos online about people who got caught wearing shorts during a Zoom meeting. They wore proper outfit on top since it’s the only visible part. Despite this setup, it’s still important for you to wear appropriate outfit. You have to meet with your colleagues and bosses online. Besides, it’s been a while since you’ve last work an office outfit. You can justify wearing one because of the meeting.

Being too loud

The host can control who speaks and who can be seen during the call. However, you also have the control buttons on your side. The host is usually polite enough to make you decide when to speak up. Just like in a regular meeting, you should only speak if it’s necessary, or if asked to do so. Give everyone the chance to speak up. You’re not the only one with an idea. You might annoy everyone else in the room because of how loud you are. 

Not preparing

If you were asked to present an idea or pitch a plan, you have to prepare. You might even need to come up with interesting slides to show to everyone. You can’t rush this process. Make the slides earlier so that you have time to polish them and research the details. You might also receive questions related to your presentation. Be prepared to answer them. 

Looking bored

Looking bored

Your face will be on everyone’s screen during the meeting. Your fellow employees will know if you feel sleepy or you don’t want to be a part of the meeting. Even if you feel exhausted or you already got bored, you have to look interested. It’s also a way of showing respect to the people talking. You have to sacrifice a few hours to be involved in this call. You’re not the only one making these sacrifices.

These Zoom calls are now a trend, and you should observe good etiquette to avoid issues.

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