These Signs Will Tell that You are Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional Intelligence

Whether you work for a company or you create your own business, being emotionally intelligent helps a lot. This makes you more confident in handling different situations. It also makes you feel like you can handle stress and other factors that would prevent you from doing well on your job. There is no accurate science that can test emotional intelligence. The best way is to look for signs that you already are becoming more mature in handling your emotions. Here are some of them.

You don’t react, but respond

Sometimes, things get heated up at the workplace. If these things happen, some people would just lose it. This is when employees get fired up, walk out and even resign. If you are doing this, you are just reacting to the situation. Responding is when you take a step back and analyze the situation. You don’t let this environment control you. Instead, you see it as an opportunity to grow. You find a way to deal with the situation in a calmer manner. You think of solutions rather than just getting angry because of the problem at hand.

You start listening


There are times when you feel strongly about something. You are very certain that you are right and you fight hard for it. There is nothing wrong in being more assertive with your ideas. However, you should also take into consideration the ideas of others. You need to start listening to them. You need to take both sides of the story. You have to be more open-minded. You should not be dismissive of others. You are also willing to compromise or even have other people’s ideas flourish and yours to take a back seat. When you are already at this stage, you are becoming more mature.

You can easily manage your emotions

Most people think that managing emotions is all about controlling your anger. It is more than that. All sorts of emotions can affect the way we think and ultimately, hinder us from making reasonable decisions. Whether you are too happy or too sad, you might create the wrong choices. It doesn’t mean you should not feel anything. It means that you can learn how to take a pause in decision making while you are at the height of your emotions. This is applicable in life in general. You can be overwhelmed with your emotions, but you can also allow some space and time before you make actions.

This would also prevent a work environment where there is too much drama. People are more focused on achieving their goals and getting things done than just fighting with other people or proving that they are right.

As a business manager or owner, you need to be emotionally intelligent. You can’t expect your employees to be the same if you are not one. They look up to you. They see you as their leader. If you create an environment where emotions easily overwhelm everything else, it could be a disaster.

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