These Seemingly Normal Habits are Actually Damaging

Damaging Habits

There are things you usually do at work which you think are perfectly fine. You do them all the time without realizing that they are detrimental in many ways. You have to be more aware of your actions and try to avoid doing these things.

Spending too much time with colleagues

There is nothing wrong in being friendly at work. These are the people you meet all the time so it is really normal if you want to keep spending time with them. The problem is that you also need some alone time. This is essential if you want to grow. There are moments where you just have to sit down and think. You can’t do it when you always have these people around you. There are moments for partying and having fun and there are moments just to be quiet and be alone.

Accepting everything given to you

At first, this might be fine. When you are new to a company, you might just be accepting of whatever is thrown at you. There is no point in complaining because you are still testing the waters. At some point though, you have to verbalize how you feel. You can’t just keep on accepting tasks even if they are beyond what you are supposed to do. There is no need to say yes to all instructions even when they are unclear. Learn to express how you feel and communicate it well.

Being too much of a team player

Being too much of a team player

Yes, there is such a thing as too much of a team player. You need to be cooperative and find a way to work well with others. However, you should also understand that it could be your downfall. Some people in the team could end up abusing your kindness. Instead of working with you and pulling their share, they could end up throwing everything to you. This is unfair and should not be tolerated. You must work to help the team succeed but you are not helping lazy individuals by doing what they are supposed to do.

Being passive aggressive

At the back of your mind, you think this is just fine. You are being tact and polite. You don’t say words bluntly. You are careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. However, the truth is that you are being passive aggressive and this is a problem. The people around you can either not get what you mean or understand what you really meant to a point that they take it too personally. Either way, this could affect your relationship. The worst part is that nothing is achieved. You have not even relayed your point at all. The key is to express what you want to say and be open about it. Try to have a normal conversation if you want to clear the air and move forward from there.

Change these habits as they are not helping at all. You might think they are fine but the truth is that they could be detrimental to you and the people you work with.

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