These Devices Could Be Obsolete Soon So Don’t Spend Your Money On Them

charger and adapterWe have witnessed a lot of devices that have become obsolete over the years. For instance, we no longer see people developing films for photographs. We also don’t pay for email services because it is for free. We don’t even pay for long distance calls anymore. The advent of Skype and Facebook has made it easier for us to connect with people anywhere in the world.

The fast moving technology seems to be eradicating almost all the types of technology that we know of or grow up with. The truth is that it is not stopping any time soon. In fact, many of the devices that we still enjoy right now (or not) are going obsolete soon. It could be 5 or 10 years, or even next year, depending on how convenient the better technology is.

Cords and chargers

For sure, you will be thankful that we are no longer using cords for charging soon. With technology like WiFi and Bluetooth, physical connection might no longer be required to charge your phones or transfer your files to a computer. We are now in an era of wireless charging. This makes everything more convenient especially if you hate those cords that are difficult to untangle. Wireless technology is nothing new, but it was only recently that it became more appealing to consumers. If the clamor increases, for sure it will go mainstream. You won’t have to worry about leaving your charger soon.

Remote controls

Currently remote controls are becoming less and less useful. Most people could not connect whatever device they have at home with their smartphones. Even in a remote location, you can still control everything that is going on inside your house. If this seems like a huge leap for you, be prepared for there is more to come. Soon, voice technology will be perfected. You need not use your remote to turn devices on or off. You just have to make commands using your voice and everything is done for you. It is now happening, but the technology is still imperfect.

Low end digital cameras

These cameras are now dying down thanks to the improved cameras on your phone. If these low end cameras can offer 8-12 megapixels at the same price as your smartphones, why would you invest in them? Besides, your smartphone can provide way more services. Right now, photos taken from phones are not totally satisfying. If there are more improvements soon, you will surely have to say goodbye to low end compact digital cameras.

Traditional landlines

89% of American households no longer use traditional landlines. This should have been obsolete for now. Sadly, cable and internet service providers still ask you to have landlines for a complete package. It is not like the dial up era is still alive. Nevertheless, with smartphones and the internet, this will totally be gone. The rise of Skype and other free calling technology have made landlines less sexy.

Video game consoles

Before you freak out, this is not happening any time soon. Besides, the replacement could be way better. The thing is that you don’t need to buy a separate console just to play games. Everything could be played online soon just like how cable TV has been replaced by online streaming services like Netflix. This makes everything easier and faster.

USB Flash drive

usb drive

You might be surprised that during the latest Black Friday, USB flash drive deals are crazy. This is because soon, free online storage devices will be more popular. Google, Dropbox and Apple are making it a lot easier to access these files without paying anything. Instead of carrying an actual storage device that you might just lose, it would be best to go for cloud storage.

This only means that you have to be wiser in deciding which devices to spend your money on. You have to think about the current technology and how they could change the future.

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