These Advertising Trends Will Increase Engagement Among Potential Buyers


There are several advertising platforms available today. You can choose one or all of them depending on how much your business can afford to spend and the target audience. The only problem is not almost all these advertising platforms are saturated. Even online marketing seems to be a very busy world. With hundreds upon thousands of business all over the world advertising through social media, it might be difficult for your company to stand out.

This does not mean though you should not attempt at all. Don’t lose hope and keep on searching for ways to engage with these potential buyers. Here are the latest trends in advertising that will catch people’s attention.

Don’t just advertise

Most businesses today don’t just allow people to see the products or sell these products to them. They have different gimmicks so that even before people spend money buying these products, they have already gotten tons of benefits. For instance, L’Oreal started virtual test of their cosmetics. Those who are interested to buy online can try out different looks virtually and buy the perfect product for them. The key is to not just make it all about selling products, but also providing service to them.

Give points and other bonuses

Since most customers buy online these days, find a way to give them discounts while purchasing the any product online. Create games and other activities where they can grab these points and use them when buying the products later. You should also hold on to what you have promised. If you ask them to do something in return for a bonus point or a discount, make sure they get it. This sparks interests and eventually retain loyalty.

Allow customers to buy right away

Online shopping is now a popular method. In fact, it is taking over many regular businesses. However, even the online market starts to get saturated. If you want to advertise and sell products right away, make it happen. For instance, you have uploaded images of your products via Instagram. Allow users to just swipe on the product or click on it to add it to their cart and pay right away. Target social media since this is where most people get information and other forms of entertainment these days.

online shopping

Paying for what they have bought should also be an easy process for them. Expand your payment options so that whatever they click, they can immediately send payments. Don’t just use credit cards as a payment option especially if you target younger audiences who probably don’t have credit cards yet.

Catching people’s attentions via advertisements these days is such a huge challenge. You have to make sure that it is not just about selling products and getting money from them. They must not feel like you are just after their wallets. You should also introduce your brand and inform them the benefits they can get from using your products. This will make them feel more interested and invested in what you are selling.

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