The Need to Maintain Strong Relations with Employees and Its Impact on Your Business’ Success

Strong Relationship with Employees

The success of every business depends on its employees. These are the people working behind the scenes to push the business to success. There are business owners who think of these employees as just workers who are easily replaceable. This is a wrong mentality. Don’t underestimate the potentials of your employees. Each one of them contributes to your business. They must be treated as family members.

Take note that when the relationship between the company and the employees is destroyed, it could have adverse negative effects on the business.

Change bad managers

According to surveys, more than 50% of those who have resigned from their job mentioned their boss as the main reason why they have left. This is why you need to change managers who are too strict to the employees or those who don’t have good relationship with them. Otherwise, you have to speak directly with them and tell them that more than your expectation to help the company succeed; you also want everyone in the business to feel well working with the team.

Cultivating a friendlier environment at work helps make these employees more productive. Another strategy is to speak directly with these managers. Perhaps, they also don’t receive commendations from you. As a result, they have less incentive to do the same to the people under them.

Being too strict doesn’t help

Being too strict

Yes, there are company policies that have to be followed, but there should always be a space for accommodation. A company that is too rigid and does not offer flexibility is a huge turn off. For instance, there should be flexibility in terms of the schedule. Arriving to work on time and leaving work on time does not necessarily equate to productivity. As long as the job is done, employees should be given flexibility. Besides, they won’t request for accommodation unless there is something really urgent that they need to attend to.

We also live in a changing society. Most of the tasks are done online. Even if they are not physically present to do the job, they can still catch up by doing the tasks online. The point is to be clear with your expectation from each employee. They need to know exactly what their responsibilities are so they will be more responsible in handling their time.

Allow the employees to provide honest feedback

One of the biggest problems among business leaders is that they don’t have the ability to take criticisms. They are good in giving one, but they can’t take the heat when things are reversed. As a result, some employees would rather keep their mouth shut instead of providing honest feedback. This is not a healthy practice. Make sure that you give everyone a seat on the table. Listen to what they have to say. They could contribute to the success of the business if only their thoughts are heard.

Employees must be treated well if you want to keep them in your company. You might think that money is the only motivation for them to stay. The truth is that their working environment matters more to them. If the relation with them is strained, they might decide to just leave.

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