The Need for Responding to Customers via Emails Quickly and Accurately


Despite the fact that there are a lot of messaging apps available these days, some people still prefer communicating via emails. In fact, it is still the most formal way of communicating with many people, especially in a corporate setting. Managing your personal or company email is not easy though. Even with email apps available, formulating the right response is still a challenge. There might even be instances when you could not respond to emails for days.

Responding to emails should be done in an accurate, formal and prompt fashion. According to surveys, people expect to receive responses to emails within the same day. In fact, 30% expect responses within the same hour. This also means you have to do better in responding to emails and be more professional at that. This is true especially if you are running a business

People want quick answers

You need to assign someone to respond to customers right away. This makes them feel like you care. If you don’t, they will feel ignored. They might even decide to just look for other options. You are wasting a lot of customers if you keep on ignoring them as they seek for your help. Even if they are saying something negative and it seems like they really hate your business, you should still respond with diplomacy and let them you know you are working on their concerns. In the event that you could not response in a day or you have forgotten to do it, you must give them a call just to take an extra measure to reach out.

quick answer

Be specific on the subject line

You might not really care much about the subject line but it is what most people would read. If they see the urgency on the subject line, it would be easier for them to respond to you. It also helps give them the idea on what the email is about so they can open it and make the right response. The subject must be short, concise and straight to the point.

Be honest and tactful

Responding to emails is not easy especially if it involves complaints. However, you should still remain diplomatic no matter what the tone of the sender is. Regardless of the words used, they most likely have legitimate concerns. The best thing to do is try to respond to them in the best way possible. Make them feel like their concerns are legitimate and you are working on them. If the concerns are quite crazy and unbelievable, you should still be tactful. Choose the right words and say thank you in the end for telling their concerns.

Check the grammar

Before sending the emails, double check the grammar first. You want to remain professional and one way to do so is using the right words. Grammatical mistakes could backfire. People would think you are not taking it seriously. It also shows that your company is particular of the details.

Dealing with customer complaints and suggestions via emails could be tough. You don’t have to do it yourself if you can have someone in the team do it. Just make sure everyone feels like they are heard.

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