The List Of Things To Do Can Still be Improved So You Can Do Them All

list of things to do

Have you tried listing all the things you can do but end up still forgetting a lot of the tasks on that list? If this is the case, you are not efficient in creating the said list. There are ways for you to improve it. Writing the tasks down is not enough if you really want to accomplish every single item. Here are some things you can do.

Get an app

App Reminder and Notes

There are apps where you can write the things you need to do and remind you if you need to do it. You can turn the alarm on just like what you do when you wake up in the morning. You will be constantly reminded unless you hit off or check because you have already done the task.  The app can also help you categorize the tasks so you can easily check them.

Write everything down

One of the reasons why you tend to forget what to do is because you are not too specific. For instance, if you write, “send email”, it is really vague. Even if you see the reminder, you will still not remember what it is for. You will think about writing an email but you won’t remember for who or for what purpose. Therefore, it does not serve any purpose at all.

Have realistic plans

It is easy to accomplish those tasks if you are realistic with your plans. You have to prioritize what needs to be done for that day. If you are creating a weekly plan, you have to be specific on what day you have to finish a task at the latest. Sometimes, when you write them all down without specifying the date, you could end up getting too overwhelmed. Instead of feeling motivated to do the tasks, you decide to just ditch it.

Reward yourself if you have accomplished something

There are different ways to reward yourself. There should also be levels when it comes to these rewards. Simple rewards would already suffice for as long as you allow yourself to be tapped in the back for a job well done. Major accomplishments deserve something bigger. This is a good way to motivate yourself. You have something to look forward to in the end.

Just try these tips and you will see just how much change could happen in your everyday life. You might even finish tasks that you are not yet supposed to finish just because you put a lot of efforts. Most of all, don’t force yourself to finish something if your body tells you it is time to rest. It is fine if you have failed for as long as you make it up some other days. Not all of us can succeed in doing everything on that list but at least you must strive harder.

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