The Difference Between Looking Rich Vs. Being Rich

Rich Girl

Have you ever wondered why Mark Zuckerberg seems to wear the same clothes each time he appears in public, even for major social events? Even Steve Jobs wore almost the same outfits when he was alive. At first glance, you won’t recognize that these people are extremely wealthy. They may not look rich, but they are really rich.

In contrast, there are people who don’t have that much, but it seems like they own a multinational company with what they wear and how they carry themselves in public. In between these two, it is better to be rich than just to look rich.

Living within your means

You don’t necessarily have to wear the same clothes each day or cut your number of meals just to look poor and be rich. It is important that you live within your means. Avoid overspending. You should also not buy things that are beyond what you can afford. If they have a cheaper counterpart, then you better go for the cheaper option. Besides, there are brands that are not really of high quality. They have a high price tag because of the brand itself. You must also avoid eating in fancy restaurants if you can cook meals at home. You can eat out every now and then, but only if you have enough money to spare.

Avoid caring what others have to say

The biggest problem with some people is that they keep thinking about their status in the society. If you are watching the Real Housewives reality series, you will see just how women care more about what others think, and so they try to hide everything as much as they possibly could. They don’t want to let others see that they are already bleeding financially. They still buy expensive stuff, go out on a luxurious vacation and seem to have everything in control. You have to avoid being just like them.

Learn how to save

Save Money

Imagine the amount that you will save if you buy clothes from a popular brand and a regular store. Multiply that amount to the number of times that you have decided to buy from the said store. You might be surprised with the total. You have to keep saving now and decide to buy a lot later when you have enough to spare. Later, you will have enough money to see the world or buy your dream house. It is important to know what your priorities are.

Discipline is a key if you want to be rich. Besides, if you have reached the point that you are extremely wealthy and you have enough to buy whatever you want, you can look rich and be rich at the same time. However, it is better if you keep the same habit. Whether you have become extremely wealthy or not, your feet must remain in the ground. You have to practice the same financial tips that have propelled you to financial success.

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