The Biggest Mistake During Job Interviews is Asking Generic Questions

Biggest Mistake During Job Interviews

The interview part of hiring employees is crucial since this is where you know more about the applicants. They might say a lot of good stuff on their CV but it does not tell you anything unless you see them in person and speak with them.

During the interview, you can confirm certain information presented in the CV. You will also know if they can communicate their thoughts well. This is also your chance to gauge their attitude and see if you can work well with them along with the other people they will work with.

There are common questions during job interviews that are readily available. You can even look them up online and you are prepared to interview someone for the job. The most common questions include “What is your biggest weakness?” and “What makes you the best person for the job?” The answers to these questions are crucial in determining if the applicant is really suitable for the position, but these are generic questions they can prepare for in advance.

This is the risk that comes with generic questions. As such, it is in your best interest to come up with original questions. Surprise questions will really test how good they are in communicating their thoughts. They don’t have a guide to help them prepare in advance. They will only know the question upon entering the room and this also lets them provide the most natural response possible.

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There is lesser chance to fake responses  

Another advantage of not asking generic questions is that the applicants tend not to lie. Again, these are impromptu questions so they don’t have the time to search for responses somewhere. They only have a very limited time to think so their best option is to speak from the heart. Whether or not the said response has hurt their chances, at the very least, you know that the answer was real. Besides, you cannot gauge the authenticity of the applicant if all responses are superficial.

You might miss out on top talents

Another risk with generic questions is that you could end up choosing someone who speaks well over someone who is really good at the job. The reason why the first applicant seems really good is because he has prepared for the questions. The other one seemed to lack confidence but only because he did not prepare to answer those generic questions in the same way as the first applicant. However, if you ask specific questions about the job, this could even the playing field. Instead of asking, “Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?” you can ask “Using your skills, how can you contribute to the growth of the business within the year?”

Top applicants hate lying

Generic questions force people to lie or screen their responses well until they no longer sound authentic. This is not something that quality applicants want to do. They just want to speak from the heart. When you hear both of them speak, the quality applicant might end up being the weaker one just because the answer was not sugarcoated or filtered.

After knowing this information, it is time for you to rethink your questions for the interview to select the best possible candidates for the job.

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