The Argument in Favor of Taking Money Out of Politics


The Citizens United is perhaps one of the worst US Supreme Court decision in a generation. It allowed big money to enter politics and promote corruption. The creation of super PAC’s is basically due to this decision. According to them, wealthy donors can donate unlimited amounts of money to a politician’s bid for election. The said amount goes to the campaign and not on the pockets of the politicians. Hence, it could not be referred to as corruption.

The problem with this argument though is that corruption does not only come in the form of cash or donations. It is on the amount of influence that wealthy donors can have on politicians. They basically become like their puppets. They can tell them whatever they want later on should the politician they supported be elected. This is the reason why there are a lot of congressmen who usually vote against the will of their constituents. Their votes are usually influenced by those who have strongly supported their campaign. This does not just promote corruption, but has led to the creation of laws that have negatively affected ordinary Americans.

Let’s get real


Another absurd argument in favor this ruling is that no one should stop giving donations if they believe in what the politician is fighting for or if they simply want the person running for office. Well, this is totally believable. Do they really think wealthy donors will just pour their money into someone without expecting for anything in return? They have to protect their personal interests first above anything else. If they can pull a leg just to have someone to their dirty work for them, then they would do it.

Make your voice louder

Overturning Citizens United could have tons of legal obstacles. This decision came from the Supreme Court and is a landmark ruling that is affecting politics in the United States. For as long as this law stands, there will be corruption. The only way for this to stop is if we make ourselves be heard. Let us have a stronger voice in fighting against these corrupt politicians. Let’s make sure that no amount of influence from wealthy donors and lobbyists can be louder than the collective voices of the people who wish to take money out of politics.

Something should be done now or else, as Sen. Bernie Sanders would argue, income inequality remains as a problem. The share of the 99% worth of wealth in the country remains on the hands of those who are on top while the rest of us get a very small bite of the apple. These politicians have to be hammered up until they will make decisions based on the will of the people. They must not remain puppets to these wealthy people.

The United States stands out as the biggest democracy in this world. However, if money is not taken out of politics, then the democratic process will forever be rigged. It has to stop.

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