The Actual Cost of Migrating to Canada


Since the night of the US presidential election, the search for immigrating to Canada has surged in Google. It has in fact crashed the Canadian immigration website due to the number of people who have seriously searched on how they can move to Canada. The fear of a Trump presidency has moved people to consider leaving the US.

If you are one of these people, then you might want to know the actual cost of moving there. The application process is one thing. Living in Canada is another.

Before you even think about the cost, you have to check first if you have one of the skills that would make you be categorized under the skilled worker category. If you are, then you can now apply for the visa. You may fall under the skilled worker category where you are to pay $550 for yourself. Should you bring your spouse, that would be another $550. Your kids below 22 years old would be charged $150 for application. If you are applying for the sponsorship category, you would be charged $475 while the sponsor has to pay $75. For settlement in Quebec, the rates are a bit different.

Prepare your documents

Aside from the fees, you also have to prepare all your documents. The government only accepts documents in French and English. Your photograph must also be included and it has to be based on the standards set by the Canadian government. Note that they are very keen when it comes to passport photos. For those who are applying as skilled workers, you must have a degree which is recognized in Canada. There must be a credential evaluation made certain specific organizations and this could cost up to $115. Medical examination results are also necessary. The Canadian government also has a list of medical practitioners being recommended and the overall test could cost over $100. There are instances in which the city where you came from does not have a designated physician. You have to travel just to find one.


Traveling to Canada

Once you have already gotten your visa, the rest will then be prepared. You need a flight ticket to Canada. You must also have a local pick up service if you don’t want to take local transportation considering the bags you have with you. It is also important to settle the place where you are staying even just temporarily. You also need to have allowance since you won’t be receiving salary up until the end of the first month.

Yes, staying in the US under Trump’s presidency is a disaster. However, it is also a painful process to move to Canada considering the expenses. If you decide that this is the best for you and your family, go head and pursue your plan. After all, there is no amount of money that can make you feel good staying in the United States with a racist as a president. Going through the entire process is just a small price to pay.

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