Take Control of Your Emotions During Meetings Through These Tips

During Meetings

It is easy to be emotional when you are in a meeting. This is supposed to be a time where you are just sharing your ideas. However, it can quickly escalate into a huge fight with the other people in the meeting. There could be questions that are too aggressive or statements that seem offensive. Whether the other party intentionally offends you or not, you have to learn how to control what you say in return.

You need to come out of this meeting as the same person with dignity and respect for coworkers. Take note that this is just a meeting and being too emotional won’t help your cause.

Get a walk before the meeting

Before you enter the room that you feel will be a boxing ring, try taking a walk first. It will calm you down. It will also make you think clearly of what you have to say. It allows you to spend time feeling good about your environment. You need this time so that the moment you enter the meeting room, you are in a positive mood.

Emotions During Meetings

Just say what you feel

There is nothing wrong in being vocal about how you feel during meetings. However, you have to stay calm. Don’t fall in any bait. Just because the other party is trying to be aggressive does not mean you have to counter it with the same level of aggression. There are ways to express your feelings without necessarily getting too angry. It can even hurt your argument if you couple it with a really strong but unnecessary expression.

Learn when to stop

The meeting is supposed to be a chance for everyone to speak. You need to know your limits. There are others who have to say something. Listen to what they have to say. They also need to express themselves just as much as you do. Therefore, dominating the conversation will make them feel bad. In as much as you want your feelings to be respected, you also have to do the same thing.

Always find for something positive

Regardless of the disagreement, you need to find something to agree on during a meeting. At the very least, show that you get their point. It is not that you agree with it, but you believe that they have a good point that needs to be heard. There is always value in everything, regardless of who says it.

Know when to walk away

Obviously, you don’t literally walk away in a meeting. This is a sign of weakness. Walking away means learning how to stop arguing with someone. The moment you feel like there is no conclusion to an argument, you should just keep quiet and let everyone else say their thoughts. However, you must do it with humility. You can reflect on it later. Being quiet but looking too bitter about it is different and it does not help.

Meetings can be very intense. You really have to learn how to control yourself or it will be a counterproductive meeting.

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