Sure Ways to a Productive Meeting with Employees

Productive Meeting

There are companies that have meetings every now and then just to make sure everyone is on the same page. Others let go of this concept considering that there are other means to discuss things with one another. They also think that meetings are counterproductive. They waste time and should not be done often, if at all. If you believe in meetings and you still think it is a good way to touch base with your employees, here are some ways to make sure it would be a productive one.

Understand what your employees want

More employees prefer not having a meeting than having one. It is best to have at least one meeting a week but on a time that everyone prefers. Don’t set it too early as people are not yet on the mood but not during the last hours in the afternoon as there is a chance it could extend. People don’t want to go home late.

Productive Meeting with Employees

Stick to the agenda

The problem with some meetings is that it is easy to get sidetracked. You start one topic that is not on the list and you go ahead talking about it forever. This is not helpful. Find a way to stick to the agenda as planned. You can even time each agenda so you can move ahead when it is time to do so. The agenda should be clear. Adding more to it during the meeting is not helpful. Skipping is possible though.

Everyone should be responsible

Some meetings would require presentations. If so, people who are tasked to do so should be ready. The equipment must have been set up. It does not help if everything is delayed just because those who were tasked to present are yet to get ready. Make sure they own up to their responsibility and prepare in advance.

Don’t have snacks

Having snacks lightens up the mood during the meeting but it also tends to take some time. Working while eating is possible but make sure the meeting goes ahead as planned. Besides, some people would be fine holding off with the snacks part as long as the meeting proceed and ends on time.

Don’t invite everyone

Smaller meetings are more productive than big ones. Make sure only those who are really involved in a program are there to join. The others might just nitpick as they don’t really see the consequences. There are also those who will feel like they are not serving their purpose for being there. You would rather have small but targeted meetings than big meetings where some people will just feel bored and tired.

Try other means

If every meeting doesn’t end up the way you want to, perhaps having a meeting is not the way to go. Look for other means to update everyone. Doing a group chat or video conference could be a much better choice. It also saves more time.

There is nothing wrong in traditional meetings for as long as everyone knows what to expect and the agenda is totally clear.

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