Simple Ways to Save Money for the Future

Carry Cash

Money is hard to come by nowadays. Sure, you may have a stable job and find yourself in a good way, but the truth here is that living paycheck to paycheck can be dangerous. What will you do if you get into an accident, or your car breaks down? God forbid what if someone close to you falls into financial crisis and is in dire need of money? The point here is that you have to be smart with money so sometimes that means you have to sacrifice. So, how big do those sacrifices have to be? The answer is not as much as you think. Here are some simple tips you can use to help save you some cash.

Figure out Why You’re making a Budget

Figuring out the reasons why you need a budget will help you keep on point. The reason behind this is because with a little focus, everything starts to fall into place. Think about what you need to be saving for in the next year. Maybe focus on how much you need a car, or need to move into a new place. At the same time, it would beneficial to plan a weekly budget for food, bills, and transport. Start small, but think big and soon you’ll have a lot more cash than you’d expect.

Carry Cash

While it may seem a little counter intuitive to bring cash along with you everywhere, there’s a big reason why it’s the most effective means to save cash. First off, you’re holding the money, so you can actually see how limited your funds actually are. Carrying the right amount of cash for your daily needs will also put things into perspective and make you hold on to your money a little harder.

Don’t Shop when you’re Hungry

This tip is based on our instincts. When you shop when you’re hungry, the chance of buying excess food rises because you’ll give into cravings. So, before you start shopping for groceries, make sure to have a full stomach. It’ll help you pick the food you need, rather than make you buy the food you want.

Start looking through Thrift Shops

Thrift Shops

Okay, while a lot of people think that buying new is better, sometimes that isn’t true. New clothes are very costly, and while they are of a higher quality, sometimes you can find the same thing in second hand shops. The internet also hosts numerous sites that offer bulk or second hand clothes at a very reasonable price.

Have someone in your Life Help you out

Support is always a great thing for when you do anything in your life. Even if you consider yourself a strong person, sometimes, taking the time to talk your budget over with a friend or significant other will help even more. They can point out any holes in your plans, make realistic changes to your budget, and keep you grounded in the long term.

Take Public Transport and Walk when you can


This is probably the healthiest tip you can use for when you’re trying to lose weight. Buses aren’t generally the best kind of transport, but they are among the cheapest. If your city plays host to a train line, then it would also be wise to take the tube when you can. Lastly, cutting down your weight is as simple as walking a few blocks towards your destination. It might also be prudent to bring a handkerchief during your walking stints.

Make a Separate Account for Savings

A lot of you people here might actually groan when you read this tip. I already have an account, you might say, so why would I need to make another one? Well, in all honesty the account you use in tandem with your debit card is always at risk. Shopping can be perilous when you use cards, because you’re only allowed to look at your balance when you’re done buying stuff. Having a second account which has no cards attached will make it easier to forget about your extra money.

No matter how many tips you might read or posts you analyze, the only truth behind saving cash is that it’s totally up to you. Yes, support can help, but you’re the only one that can keep to your plans, lest they fall apart around you.

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