Signs That You Are a Terrible Leader and You Need to Change

Signs of Terrible Leader

No one wants to work with a terrible leader in any company. If you dont show signs of good leadership, you cant expect everyone else to follow your lead. Worse, the employees might even decide to leave your company because of how terribly it is run. Potential employees might also be afraid to work in your company due to the reputation you have formed.

The moment you realize that you are doing a terrible job as a leader, you need to change before it is too late. Here are some signs that you are not doing a great job.

You micromanage

Micromanaging means dominating people at work even to the smallest details. Some leaders think that micromanaging is good since you can see everything that is going on in your company. The truth is that it is a sign that you dont trust your employees enough to allow them to work without dominating them. This will make the team less motivated. They wont have a clear vision. Without your guidance, they will fear stepping up to take charge.

You have a giant ego

You have a giant ego

As a leader, your primary role is to serve. If you have a gigantic ego, your view about leadership is that you are the ones people must serve. You seem to know-it-all. You dont accept suggestions. You get angry when others respond to your arguments or talk back to you. The power needs to be in your hands and no one else. This attitude sucks the life out of people, and make them feel bad about work in general.

You dont listen at all

When you lead, you also need to follow. You cant just order people to do things without listening to their thoughts and ideas. It is crucial for you to actively listen to what they have to say since it could help the company be better. Always remember that you are not the only one who has something good to say or has a clear vision for the company. When you listen to others and combine their thoughts with yours, it could lead to something better.

You dont care about people

Even if you are the boss, you need to treat everyone at work as colleagues. They are not inferior to you. The goal is to work with each other to bring the business to a better place. If you think of them as mere employees, and you dont care about them, they will feel it. The lack of appreciation is one of the many reasons why they end up searching for other jobs. It would be a waste if you have good employees who decide to leave because of how you treat employees.

You are indecisive

Even if you need to be someone who listens to your employees, in the end, you need to make the decision. You should show to everyone that you can gather ideas and make a decision in the end. You should also stand by the decision you have made. If you keep changing your mind or blame others for the decision you have made, you are definitely a terrible leader.

Now that you know these signs, evaluate your leadership style and make the necessary changes. Everyone is capable of changing, and it starts with self-awareness.

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