Should You Ignore Nasty Comments about Your Business?

Nasty Comments

You need to read reviews if you want to know how people see your company and the products you sell. The problem is that you might not get the right impression since anyone can leave random reviews online. You’re not even sure if the person who left the review has even tried your products. The anonymity of the online world has emboldened several people to be downright nasty for no reasons. Therefore, as a business owner, you might face a dilemma on how to approach these product reviews. Should you read them or are they best left ignored?

Diversify the reviews you read

If you wish to consider what people say about your business, there’s nothing wrong in reading reviews. However, you need to read various reviews to get a better glimpse of what people have to say. Don’t be too selective and only read positive reviews to feel good about yourself. You might miss comments that could help you improve your company. Conversely, if you only dwell on the negative comments, you might give up on your business and think that people hated it. 

Examine the accounts 

It also helps if you verify if the accounts that left the review are reliable. If there are no photos and other activities, perhaps those were created by online trolls. Another way to determine the validity of those comments is by checking the content. If the information seems to be generic, it might be an automated response from a bot. You can’t rely on them too.

Cross check the reviews using other methods

Before social media was born, companies rely on surveys and focus group discussions to determine how people feel about the product. It’s also a way of determining possible suggestions for improvement. Perhaps, you can go back to these strategies so that you can verify if the reviews reveal how people feel. If you get the same responses, those reviews might be correct. Otherwise, you have to ignore the unnecessary comments. 


Don’t get into a fight

No matter how you feel about the reviews, you shouldn’t be nasty in return. It’s not going to help your cause, especially if you’re going to respond using the official account of your company. You might end up turning many people off. You have to remain professional despite the nastiness of the comments. Besides, there’s no way for you to be fully sure that those reviews were inaccurate. If ever they came from actual concerned customers, you could end up losing their support. 

Reviews are useful since they help you gauge how people feel about your business. They make the process a lot faster than traditional surveys and interviews. Listening to feedback also allows you to determine the ways to serve your customers better.  As long as you don’t get too emotional and remain objective, these reviews are going to help you.

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