Should You Flatter Your Target Audience to Make Them Buy What You Offer?

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When it comes to advertising, flattery works. It is easy to entice people to buy what you offer if you tell them how it would make them better, without forgetting the fact that they already are great to begin with.

Flattery improves mood. When you tell them how great they look or how skillful they are, they will most likely listen. They are in a better mood to purchase if they have received a flattering comment. If you are operating online, this makes it easier for you to let them subscribe or at least visit your site to see what else is in store for them.

Flattery is also considered positive reinforcement. They will be enticed to do the same actions in the future. If they have bought something from your store and it was appreciated, they will do the same thing.

Confidence is also boosted with flattery. The moment they feel confident to do something, they will not hesitate. For instance, if they check information in your website and they feel flattered, they will most likely have the confidence to buy what you have to offer.

How to flatter target customers

Take a look at your target audience and their qualities. If you are targeting athletes for instance, your ads must be focused on how strong they already are and how your products can help improve their performance.

If you are selling beauty products, you should start by telling them that your products are just for enhancement or for bringing out their natural beauty. Ads that start by telling them how ugly they are and will only turn into someone beautiful by using your products won’t fly.

Sending emails also helps. Tell them just how much they have improved since they started using your product. For instance, if you are selling software to enhance productivity, let them know that upon monitoring, you have seen just how vast the improvement has become. This will make them feel good about what you offer and keep their subscription.

Be more engaging in social media

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Your social media activities also help keep you closer to your target audience. When you post information and they have sent replies and comments, make sure you also reply back. You can do it via public posts or you can send private messages. In doing so, you make them feel special. It allows them to trust your company even more. Besides, publicly praising them also flatters them. This reinforces loyalty. Just make sure you try to be creative with your words and not just throw around the same idea as it loses its meaning.

Whatever product you sell, whether you are doing it face-to-face or online, flattery helps. Just remember that flattery and deception are not the same. You can flatter someone without lying. You are telling something positive about that person.

Flattery has long been an advertising strategy and it has worked.

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