Reasons Why Open Office Spaces Dont Work

Open Spaces

There are lots of ideas to increase productivity at work. Recently, some companies started the idea of having open spaces at work. Instead of putting cubicles or stations for every employee, there are tables and chairs. There are entertainment areas. There are couches and other comfortable furniture at work.

The reason why open spaces became popular is because business leaders thought they are effective. They believe that when people are not restricted at work, they can let their creative juices pour into what they are doing. It is also a way of making sure that everyone is doing work, and not wasting their time.

Although in some companies it worked, several studies showed it is not a good idea. It also increases employee dissatisfaction at work. Here are some reasons why.

Employees become miserable

In an office where there hundreds of employees doing several things at once, some of them want to have a place where they can be quiet and concentrate on what they are doing. They also want a personal space where they are sure that no one would invade it. They dont like the idea that while they are working, they also see other people working, playing, and doing many other things. As a result, they end up failing to finish tasks on time. They also feel so stressed out when they arrive home from work.

Employees give in to distractions

The idea of an open office space is that employees are not forced to work when they are not in the mood to do so. This is understandable. However, giving them other things to do like playing table tennis or video games during office hours in hopes that these activities could bring out their creativity, is insanely stupid. Employees take advantage of these games, and they end up not finishing what they were supposed to.

Sick leave increases

When you have an open space at work, you can expect illnesses to easily spread. For instance, when one caught a cold, it can spread around the office because this person can move from one place to another without a barrier. Add to that the number of employees who are not happy with this setup. They cant complain because it is the idea of top management. They try their best to make the most of it until they start getting sick because of the concept.

The employees feel like they are not being trusted

The employees feel like they are not being trusted

Most managers think that an open office space allows employees to do whatever they want at work. However, it is quite obvious that whatever they do, managers can see it. Therefore, if they spend too much time playing, they will be reprimanded anyway. They might be allowed to watch videos online while at work, but they can also get scolded for not doing their work. In short, the idea of an open space is only to ensure that the manager can see everyone doing their work. Hence, employees feel like they are not being trusted.

Although this novel concept seemed to work at first, a lot of companies that tried following it failed. You dont need to adapt to whatever modern trend there is regarding office environment. You know your company better, and you know what works best.

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