Reasons to Consider Moving an Employee to Another Post

Moving Employee

The hiring process isn’t always perfect. You end up getting the wrong person for the job. There are instances when you got the right person, but for the wrong post. As such, it’s smart to consider moving that person to another post. You still have a quality employee in your hands, but not used fully due to the incorrect job assignment. These are the instances when it’s reasonable for you to move that employee to a different post. 

You need someone for that job

You might have to move the employee if you think it would be best for the company. You need more people on that team and the employee has the qualities and skills needed to do well. If you assess that the employee is better off with that post, you have to take actions now. You don’t want to waste more time asking that person to do an unsuitable job. Besides, you can always hire a new person for the vacated post or even move another employee. 

You already know this employee 

It’s difficult to find a replacement for a post. When you need to hire a new guy, the person will go through the long process of orientation and training again. With this current employee, you know that the person already understands what the company stands for, and what its objectives are. There’s no need to waste time. 

The employee might be passionate about it

When you discovered that the employee is doing a great job with another post, it means that the person is passionate about it. The only problem is that the degree obtained is not the same as what the job post requires. For instance, you hired an accounting graduate to do accounting tasks, but the person is passionate about graphic design. Moving that person to the other department might be better for your business.

You need to have a conversation with that employee 

conversation with that employee

Before you finalize your decision, you have to make sure that you already have a conversation with that person. You don’t want to change the job post because you think it’s better for the company. It’s possible that the employee doesn’t really like to be moved. The pay rate might also be different. Therefore, you can’t immediately decide that way unless you already have a serious conversation with that employee. Discuss in details what you want to happen and explain why you made such a decision. It might even be misinterpreted as you being dissatisfied with the performance and you decided to head in this direction. You don’t want your employee to lose motivation in the process. Hopefully, this decision is correct and you allow the employee to bring out the best and contribute more for the company. You also have to be open to the idea of moving back if things don’t work out.

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