Qualities of People You Can’t Include in Your Startup Team

Startup Team

You need to find the right people to join your team after you have already created your start up business. You need to ensure that these are the best people since you’re starting the company from scratch. These are some of the qualities that you have to avoid when you’re looking for the best people to be a part of your team.

Thrill seeker

Thrill seeker

Some people are excited to be a part of a startup. They think that they have the right skills and attitude to be a part of that team. Some of them even have experience in helping build a startup company in the past. The problem is that they tend to be thrill seekers. It means that they will only do the job because they find it exciting. Once the novelty wears off, they might decide to leave the brand. They don’t think that it’s challenging enough for them, and they will look for other opportunities where they will feel thrilled again. You need someone who will be there for you until you have successfully reached your goals.


You can’t afford to have newbies in your start up team. Even if you’re the founder, you still have a lot to learn in order to succeed in this endeavor. If your team is made up of people who don’t have any experience in building a company from scratch, it could cause a lot of headaches. All of you will try to figure out what to do, and no one can come up with a correct answer. Therefore, it helps to have experience people as part of your team so that they can give the right advice. They will also stay strong and stable regardless of what you will face as you proceed with your business.

Lazy people

Knowledge and skills shouldn’t be the only factors you consider when hiring people to be a part of your team. You also need to see if they have the right attitude to be included in your startup company. Some people are knowledgeable of the industry, and will provide great insights in building the team. The problem is that they might be too lazy. They are considered as onlookers in your team, and they won’t contribute a lot. They will be a burden in the long run, and it’s better if you don’t include them at all.

You still have a lot of things to do if you decided to form your own startup company. Therefore, you need to get things right from the start by hiring the best people to be with you. They need to be loyal to the company, and help you build the business until it reaches its goals. You also need people who won’t give up even if it’s too difficult, and you will face lots of bumps along the way. Starting a company from scratch it’s never easy, and you need someone who will remain stable despite what you encounter.

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