Qualities of Good Communicators at Work

Qualities of Good Communicators at Work

Communication is key in any workplace. The business will only succeed if everyone at work helps each other and talk to each other. You can’t expect everyone to be good communicators. There are others who can communicate well but through certain medium only. There are people who prefer speaking while others prefer writing.

Check the people you work with and see if they are good communicators. Otherwise, find a way to push them to be better. Here are some qualities to look into.

Brutally honest

Being a good communicator is about your ability to say what is really in your heart. This means that you should not sugarcoat what you say. The problem when you hide feelings is that it can be misinterpreted and this leads to miscommunication. Being honest does not mean you have to be tactless. You should still know when to say things and what words to say, but don’t twist them just to make the other party feel good.

Good listener

good communicators Good listener

Communication is a two-way process. It is not just about the person saying the message but also about the person receiving it. If one or both elements are not present, it cannot be called communication. Therefore, a good communicator must also know how to listen.


A good communicator does not wait for the problem to arise before finding a way to solve it. Being proactive means telling everything clearly right from the start. For instance, if something needs to be changed, this message should be delivered days or weeks prior to the deadline. Waiting for the deadline to arrive before sending the message could be counterproductive.

Questioning mind

You will know if someone has understood the message if questions are formed. This is an indicator that the message was well-received and the person is ready to move on to the next phase by asking a question. Always remember that just because there was no question asked, it does not mean the message was well-received.


Good communicators can tell everything that needs to be said in just a few words or sentences. Taking too long to deliver the point will just lead to confusion. Being concise also shows that the people listening can easily understand the message and they need not be told over and over again. Otherwise, there is something wrong with how the message is relayed to them or the choices of words are unclear.

You have to be a good communicator in the workplace and you have to train other people working with you to do the same. The key is to always go back to what you really feel and stay true to it. Avoid miscommunication and conflict in the workplace when everything is clear. If things continue to be unclear, there is something wrong with the communication channels and change should happen.

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