Preparing Yourself to Talk in Public to Introduce Your Business

Talk in Public

Every year, when Apple releases new products, they present them through a public forum. This has become one of the trademarks of the company, and a lot of other companies are also following their style. In fact, even small business owners try to introduce their company along with their products and services through this forum.

One of the reasons why it is effective is that it brings the company closer to the people. They can see the products right away, and be there as history unfolds. They can even ask questions during the forum. Most of all, you can livestream the even so that other people who cant make it there will know what is going on. In a way, this public forum could be a part of your marketing strategy.

Setting up the forum is easy especially if the products are ready for the presentation. The only thing left to do is prepare yourself. You might be a good leader who has a vision and great ideas in mind. You are not the type who likes going public and talking about these ideas in a huge crowd. There are ways for you to prepare for this big event and make it a huge success.

Prepare yourself for all sorts of questions

If you open the floor for question and answer, expect some of the hardest questions. Some companies screen the questions so that the person giving the talk can prepare. You can do the same thing, but it stops organic discussion. You would rather have them ask questions on the spot. Be prepared to answer questions related to the product, its function and development, questions about the company, or even personal questions. Learn how to inject humor whenever possible.

Prepare to answer questions like a lawyer. Dont expect everyone to offer friendly questions. Some of them could be harsh on you. Nevertheless, you need to answer in the best possible way, and contain your emotions. You are still dealing with a potential customer, and hundreds of people are watching you respond to the difficult situation.

Understand your audience

Understand your audience

Did you open this forum to anyone? Did you screen who will enter the venue? Are these people ordinary customers, or are they mostly investors? You need to craft your speech to match what they are interested to hear. Focus on what is new and interesting. Avoid inside jokes if you are talking to the general public since your joke will surely fall flat.

Have a positive disposition

You can try to look serious in presenting your products, but try your best to appear negative. Steve Jobs for instance was really serious when he presented Apple products in the past, but he is good in throwing jokes that make people laugh their hearts out. He also presents everything in a positive way, and make you feel hopeful of the direction of technology.

Be who you are

You need to appear natural on stage. Dont try to be someone you are not. Prepare a script of what you will say, but also learn to discuss them naturally. Even if you cant see what was written, your speech goes on.

It is not easy being in this situation, but you can do it well if you prepare hard, and you know the reason why you are doing this public forum.

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