Signs That You’re Not Doing Well as a Leader

Leaders have different philosophies and it’s understandable if you decide to use what you believe in as a guide as you lead your company. It doesn’t mean though that your leadership style will work. Several factors could affect your effectiveness as a leader. However, if you see these signs, it shows that you’re not doing

Things to Do Before Responding to a Business Email

It’s crucial for you to be cautious before you respond to a business email. It’s possible that you send the wrong response. When you’re communicating with a potential business partner or investor, such mistake could have terrible consequences. Therefore, you need to carefully plan what to write before responding.  Understand the content You can’t respond

Ways to Offer a 4-day Work Week to Your Employees

It’s becoming a trend around the world to offer employees more time at home by reducing the hours spent at work. Several companies realized that it’s not necessarily the number of hours at work that matters, but the quality of the results. Some employees spend several hours at work, or even work over time, but