How to Decide If You Need Maid Service or Not

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Hiring maid service can be a luxury to some people and a necessity to others. If you’re too busy with your schedule and you would earn more with the time that you would spend in cleaning, it may be practical to hire a maid. Cleaning could take time and effort, but if you can do it, you don’t have to pay for another person to do the job. If you’re still contemplating if hiring a maid is worth it or not, here are some factors that you may consider to help you make the decision.

Determine Your Budget

If you hire a maid, you don’t have to use your free time to clean up your house. You could relax or do other important stuffs instead without having to worry about the cleanliness of your home. However, you need to pay for the service so you must have a budget for it. If you have several bills to pay, you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, and having difficulties making ends meet, then you obviously need to do the cleaning yourself because it’s an added expense that could make it more financially difficult for you. The cost of this service is usually from $25 to $35 per hour, although some charge by the area cleaned. The average cost spent by households is around $112 to $226 per visit, although it could be as high as $333 for bigger houses. Do you have extra money to spend for this? That’s one of the things you need to consider.

How Much Do You Earn Per Hour?

The reason why you need to consider how much you earn is because it’s also another factor that could help you decide if hiring a maid is something that would be worth it for you. Say for instance, if you earn $60 per hour and you’re hiring a maid that charges $25 per hour, you earn more than the money you pay for the service, so it would be worth spending your time working than cleaning. However, if you earn $20 per hour, it may not be practical to hire for cleaning service since you will be spending more than what you would earn.

Free Time That You Can Spend

Free Time

Even if you have extra money to pay for the service, if you have much free time on your hands, you may consider doing the job yourself and save that extra money for other more important things. However, if your work is already eating much of your time and you feel that you are lacking time to rest or spend time with your loved ones, then it may be worth it to hire for a professional cleaner instead.

If you decide to hire a cleaner, another thing you need to decide on is if you would hire an independent cleaner or hire for maid service from a cleaning company. Hiring an independent cleaner is cheaper as they charge lower. However, these cleaners may not be as flexible with their schedule unlike if hiring from a company. Weigh the factors given above to determine if it’s practical to hire a maid or not.