Find Out the Common Financial Issues That Could Tear Marriage Apart and See How You Could Work It Out

Financial Issues

Financial issues could tear the marriage apart if not handled properly. Finances may not be the top concern during the engagement period and first few weeks of being married. You and your partner might be too excited and busy on your wedding preparation during the time of engagement. On the first few weeks after being married, you wouldn’t see the financial concerns yet as you’re still feeling very happy on your honeymoon stage. However, sooner or later, you may experience financial issues that could break the marriage if not taken care of immediately. Although it may feel awkward to many, it’s best that partners talk about finances even before they tie the knot or at least as soon as possible after getting hitched. Here are some of the most common financial issues that may kill a marriage if not handled properly.


Although you may already have debts before you tied the knot, it couldn’t be helped that it could hugely affect the family budget once married. You would be paying for your loans and this could mean that you may not be able to contribute as much on the budget at home. You and your partner must talk about your individual debts so both of you could work out on the payment that would still allow both of you to contribute at home. Spouses must also talk to each other if planning to get a loan since as mentioned, this would affect the budget of the family.

Spending Habits

Individuals have their own spending habits. If one of the partner is a saver and the other one is a spender, an issue may arise. The spouse who’s into spending might get angry if the other person’s is always spending or splurging, while the spender might also hold a grudge if confronted about the way he spends. Husbands and wives should talk about their budget. They still need to spend money as individuals, but they need to give a limit so they would know to what extent they could spend. After all, they are no longer just thinking about their individual finances, but that of their family’s.


There’s also usually a tension when one spouse earns much more than the other, especially if it’s the wife who earns more. Ego could play a part in this as guys typically want to be the provider for their family. The one who earns more might also feel like being more in control of the finances since he or she is making more money for the family. However, all of these could put a strain in the relationship. As mentioned, spouses should talk about this so they could work properly on their budget.

Having Kids

Pregnant Wife

Not all married people would want to have kids immediately. Having kids may sound like fun, but you should also think about the financial aspect of it, aside from being emotionally ready for it. Raising kids is not cheap. Once you have babies and you’re not financially stable, this could cause your marriage to crumble.

These are just some of the financial issues that couples may face during their marriage. The key to fix all these is communication. Sit down and talk with your partner so you could work things out.

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