Elements Investors Look for in a Pitch

Pitching Ideas

Pitching your ideas to potential investors is a daunting challenge. Although you are talking to wealthy individuals who are willing to take the risk, they also do not want their money to go to waste. They will be willing to listen to your ideas, but if they do not make sense, they will be quick to let go of you. Therefore, if you have the chance to pitch your business ideas, these are the things you need to have to convince them to believe in you.

Quality summary slides

It helps if you use slides to explain your ideas. However, you need to limit the number of words in your slides. Make sure they only contain a summary of the information investors need to know. They only have a few minutes to listen to you and grasp the ideas. If you could not capture their attention, they will say no. Consult with other people to determine if the slides are understandable enough.

Focus on problem-solving

Investors believe in products that will help solve problems people face. There is no point in launching a business if it does not offer something new, or if other existing products already solve the same problem.

Marketability and practicality of the product

Investors need to hear that your products will become a huge hit by discussing how it works and why people would love it. If you conducted a study about the product or at least surveyed people if they would buy it, you can use the results as proof about the marketability. Of course, investors want to maximize the profits. Therefore, they want to invest in products that cheap to create, but will sell at a high-cost.



When you pitch your ideas, you do not only focus on the quality of the products you are planning to sell. You also need to discuss how you are going to work with one another. Investors are not only investing in your products, but the entire team. They want to know how dedicated you are and how passionate the entire team is about the project. These investors might be willing to work with you because they believe in you, but if you are doing things alone, you cannot expect them to take the risk.

Convincing delivery

You are a salesperson the moment you step in front and pitch your ideas. You need to convince everyone in the room that you have something to offer. Sometimes, even if your ideas are not too brilliant, you can win over investors. They know that you are going to deliver because of your amazing presentation skills. When you launch the product, you will also be the face of the brand. They want to see someone who could convince people to change their minds and try something new.

You need to look at all these elements first before you decide to setup a meeting and pitch ideas to the investors. 

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