Dealing with Employees who are Shy and Quiet

Dealing with Employees

Teamwork is essential in building a company. It is also great if employees have leadership skills so that they can step up whenever necessary or even before they were asked to do something. Unfortunately, not all employees have self-confidence in leading when tasked. Worse, others won’t even do anything beyond what they are asked to do. They just could not stand up and speak with other employees especially if they feel like it is no longer a part of their job.

In any business, the key to success is how the employees interact with each other in building the company. Therefore, you want everyone to come out of the shell and be more engaged. This is quite tough especially for people who are really innate by nature. These are some tips to remember if you want to bring the best out of your employees.

Give them time to adjust

There are people who are not really shy. They just need time to adjust before they can get along with other people. They are like cars in which the engine has to be heated first before they can fire up. Once they feel more comfortable, they will more or less interact with others. Just give them some time to adjust and they will step up.

Their silence might not be a bad thing

You also need to observe the performance of the employee relative to the assigned task. Just because he is quiet does not mean he is ineffective. There might be a reason for his silence. If this attitude does not in any way interfere with the job, there is nothing for you to be worried about. As long as you feel that he is effective and can get the job done, you can worry about other aspects later on.

Let relationships develop organically

One mistake that you might commit is forcing them to be friends with other employees. It could result in something that is really shallow. You want relationships to gradually develop for as long as they are genuine relationships. Just give them the space and time they need to forge relationships and make them lasting.

Speak with them in private

For some people, communication is a source of anxiety. You might not hear them speak up during meetings. They might also feel worried that their ideas won’t be validated. It helps if you speak with them in private and hear their thoughts when no one else is listening. Perhaps, they can give something that is worth listening to. If yes, let them know how much the ideas were appreciated. This could serve as a motivation to speak in public later on if there is a chance.

Give them the chance to shine

Give them the chance to shine

Most people are shy because they have never been validated. They don’t feel confident because they might not have the opportunity to show who they really are. If given the chance, this will enhance their confidence and make them better in doing their job. Just give them the chance to do so and they will surely step up. If they do well, let them know it. Give commendations in front of their peers.

The most important thing in dealing with employees who are shy is to give them time to gradually change and open up. Don’t force them to change since it won’t help in any way.

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