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Create a Webinar that Easily Attracts Attention

Webinars are now popular. It is a modern version of the traditional seminar where people gather in one place to learn something new. Webinars allow participants to just stay wherever they want to be and learn along with other people. In short, the discussion may involve people from around the world and it becomes more

Dealing with a PR Disaster and Bouncing Back From It

Just in the last few weeks, we have seen a lot of public relations disaster faced by some of the biggest companies in the world. Pepsi for instance had to pull their commercial starring Kendall Jenner for exploiting the resistance movement. United Airlines has to put their CEO out there to publicly apologize for dragging

How Not To Be That Annoying Coworker

It seems that there would always be that one annoying coworker in the company and you don’t want to be that if you want your working days to be peaceful. Being that annoying coworker would not just make you hated by many, but the management or the employers themselves could notice it and it may