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How to Change a Work Environment with a History of Abuse

When you’re given the responsibility to take over a business riddled with abuse and scandals, it’s a big challenge. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more common these days. The good thing is that there’s an opportunity to change the status quo, and you could be an agent for change. It might be intimidating to have this role,

Tips to Adjust to Your Newly Appointed Boss

In most businesses, employees don’t have a say on who will take the top posts. Usually, the board of directors and other executives have the final decision. As an employee, you have no choice but to respect this decision. You should also learn to adjust. These tips will help you. Give your boss a chance

Things to Avoid During a Zoom Meeting

Meetings via Zoom are becoming the norm these days. The platform is easy to use and it can include plenty of employees at once. The problem is that some employees have become too comfortable in using the platform, and forget that they have to maintain professionalism. Sure, they’re working from home, but the Zoom meeting

Take Better Care of Your Most Loyal Employees

Having loyal employees is a good thing for your business. Requesting talented individuals to stay longer isn’t easy. Some of them could easily get taken away by competitors. Others would decide to start their business. You have to take good care of them and make them realize that they’re important.  You don’t want to start

Ways to Prevent Laying Off Employees

As a business owner, your priority is to ensure that the business keeps running and making profits. The problem is that you can’t do well recently due to the closure orders. In some industries, businesses don’t even earn anything. Owners have no choice but to file for a bankruptcy or lay employees off. It’s a