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Benefits of Transparency When Running a Business

It’s understandable that some companies only limit the information given to the employees. Most of the decisions are done on the top. As you go lower the corporate ladder, the information you receive becomes more limited. If you’re creating a startup, you need to practice transparency. Allow regular employees to be more involved in the

Business Trips Might Soon be Limited

One of the perks of working in the corporate world is to always be on a business trip. Whether you have to pitch to a potential investor or commence a partnership with another company, you might have to go on a trip to seal the deal.  However, with the coronavirus pandemic that forced businesses to

Qualities of a Reliable Business Partner

You can’t make your business goals a reality if you don’t work with someone. It’s the reason why most budding entrepreneurs have a business partner. You need a business partner who will help you achieve your goals. In searching for the right partner, these are the qualities you need to look at.  Passionate You want