Business Cards are Still Useful Until Now

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Making connections with other people these days has become very easy. For instance, if you are planning on making employment connections to get a job, you can just open an account at LinkedIn. If you want to learn some tips on how to grow a business from other business owners, you can join forums online.

Despite all these modern ways of making connections, you should continue using business cards. It might seem old school, but it is still used by several business owners today. Here are some reasons why you should not toss those business cards away.

They are memorable

When you meet a new person during a meeting, the first thing you do is exchange business cards. The person you have met will remember your face based on the name you have written on the business card. If there is something interesting that the person wishes to do with you, it is easy to just look at the business card and contact you.

You look more professional

Using business cards also help you look more professional. Instead of writing contact information using a piece of paper or your phone, you can just exchange a paper that has already been professionally designed. Besides, in formal events or conferences, everyone has a business card. If you don’t have one, it will make you look totally different from the rest. You cannot easily join the conversation. If you do, you will keep apologizing for not having a business card.

Business cards showcase personal brand

In a way, your business card is also a marketing strategy. It is easier for you to tell people about you and your business using the card. By just looking at it, they will know what your business is all about. The color you choose, the font used and the words written on the business card are a reflection of what your business stands for.

Design your card now

design your business card

There are limitless benefits that you can get from using business cards. Besides, it is not like you have to spend a lot of money printing one. You can even ask your graphic designer to do one for you and have it printed in your office. If you run out of business cards, you can just reprint in the office. It would also be nice if everyone in your company uses a business card bearing the name of the business and its logo. It would be easier to advertise your business in this manner.

Keep business cards received

It is also great if you can keep the cards that you have received from other people. This is regardless of the need to contact them right away. Who knows? There will come a time when you will need them. It is great if you can use the card hidden in your drawer to immediately contact them. You might also want to say thank you via email as soon as you get back home just so you will be remembered. Also, there are apps that can scan these cards and transform them into soft files. You can retrieve them any time you want.

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