Bosses Can Be Vulnerable, but Cannot Let It Show


You are only setting yourself up for failure if you think that you can be the perfect boss and you have no flaws. You need to be realistic in thinking that you might also commit mistake and become vulnerable. 

When you were raised to your current post, you did not know everything. You tried learning things as they come. Therefore, you cannot say that you are perfect and without any mistake. 

There are times when you also do not know what to do. You have no idea how to move forward with some plans. You do not think that you are on the right path with the initial ideas that you sent out. Regardless of the problem faced, the point is that you acknowledge that you do not know everything and you are willing to learn

Keep it to yourself 

When you are at work though, you need to remain tough. The employees look up to you for guidance. They cannot accept it if they ask questions and your answer is that you do not know. They will also think that you are undeserving of your post if you cannot come up with ways to solve the problems the company faces. Therefore, even if you feel lost or confused, you cannot let anyone at work know about it. Once they failed to see you as a leader and someone they can trust, they will not respect you moving forward. Even when you have something for them to do, they will not listen. They will also not accept your comments and suggestions because they know that you usually have no idea what is going on.

Talk to people you can trust

Since you need to let your feelings out, it helps if you talk to people you can trust outside work. If there is a person who helped you be where you are now, you can spend time with that person and share how you feel. You can also talk to your family since they will understand you regardless of your frailties. 

Research and improve yourself

Research and improve yourself

You cannot continue being weak as a leader since eventually, no one will believe you. Try your best to expand your knowledge. Attend crash courses or webinars. Speak with other industry leaders. Take time to research about areas where you feel you still have a lot to learn. Once you improve yourself, you will feel confident facing problems in the future. 

Do not doubt yourself

You need to be honest with yourself when you have no idea what to do. It does not mean though that you tell yourself that you are not worthy of being a leader. You also do not need to step down from your post. Many other leaders out there are also trying to figure out what to do as things come. Stay strong and never doubt your capabilities.

Hopefully, you can be a better leader and become someone who deserve that spot.

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