Be Grateful Even if an Investor Closed a Door on You


It’s frustrating when you felt like you already did everything you could to convince an investor to accept your proposal, but you still ended with rejection. You might even lose the courage to continue looking for other potential investors. The truth is that even when a door has closed, you have to be grateful. You still have other reasons to be thankful for.

The investor might not be suitable for you

If the investor isn’t sure about your proposal, you would rather see that person say no and let go of your partnership. You will end up with more problems along the way if there’s already uncertainty at the beginning. It’s also a good thing because there’s a chance that you will find someone who will understand your vision and will work well with you.

You learn from the process

When the investor told you that your idea wasn’t good enough, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to be a successful entrepreneur. It means that you have to polish your ideas and keep on doing a better job. You might find someone who will see the potential in what you’re doing. You can learn from the advice of the investor who said no so that the next person in life would find it hard to decline your proposal.

Your business idea will probably not succeed

Your business idea

These investors have a lot of experiences on the bag. Some of them were even behind the success of a few startups. They know right from the start if a business has a potential to succeed. If the investor said no to what you proposed, it’s a sign that your current idea is terrible. You need to do major changes, or the business won’t be viable. You will find it difficult to sell your ideas to other people. You will end up wasting your time and effort. You will also lose the trust of anyone who decides to invest in you.

Your failure will motivate you

It’s a good thing that you experienced failure at this stage. It means that you will remain grounded. Every time you accomplish something significant, you will recall the time when someone told you that you were not good enough. It will help you to keep pushing. If you only have a straight path to success, you won’t have any idea about what failure means. Nothing will push you to do a better. When that unfortunate time comes and you’re at the peak of success, it might be difficult for you to recover. The failure will be too devastating for you.

Be grateful for the opportunity given to you and use it to your advantage. Never badmouth these investors. You will still see them again in the future. They will also be in touch with other investors. You don’t want anyone to not trust you anymore because of your attitude towards rejection.

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