Be a Better Leader and Encourage More Employees to Stay


Several surveys have shown that one of the reasons why most employees leave their jobs, especially millennials, is that they are not happy with their relationship with their employers. Even if they are paid well and there are tons of benefits that come with the job, they still prefer looking for other opportunities.

If you are a business owner or a manager and you see your turnover rate going really high each year, you have to take a hard look at yourself and what you have done. Perhaps, it is time to change your strategy and come up with something better.

You are not just a manager who runs the company, but you are also a leader whom these employees look up to. If you are someone who deserves their respect, they will willingly oblige. In fact, they will do more than what you ask of them. However, if you don’t even care about them, they will start looking for other jobs. Before you know it, even your best employees have already drifted away. Here are some tips to help you become a better leader and decrease the turnover rate in the company.

Start caring about their personal lives

These employees should not be treated as just workers in a company. They don’t come there to work and leave. They are human beings and they have feelings too. Find a way to connect with them. Listen to their stories. Understand their dreams and aspirations.

Start caring

Create an atmosphere where they can be comfortable listening to you. Don’t boss around and complain about their work all the time. If you think they are not doing well, there could be a reason behind it and you should start having a more intimate conversation with them. You can start with intellectual and fun conversations before you delve deeper emotionally.

Encourage creativity

One of the biggest mistakes managers commit is that they tend to believe that they have all the answers. They think of their employees as people who will simply execute what they have in mind. This is totally wrong. You should see to it that their ideas are respected. You can’t guarantee you will follow all their suggestions, but at the very least, you make them feel like you hear them. Companies that are more rigid tend to have stressed out employees. This results to lower productivity. Encourage fresh ideas and freedom to express their thoughts without the fear of being blamed or embarrassed.

Shuffle responsibilities

This might seem like a weird idea, but it is a great way to make the employees feel more excited. They would love changing the nature of their tasks every now and then especially if they feel like they have been doing the same thing over and over again. Boredom is also among the reasons why employees leave.

In the end, you just have to be more open to changes in the work environment and make it more exciting. When you feel like everything seems monotonous and the employees are working for the same of earning money, it is time to change things.

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