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Business Trips are Still Necessary in This Age

Some people think that business trips are no longer essential and are a waste of time and money. There are various ways to contact people around the world without leaving your office. Whether you are going to speak with offshore employees or pitch ideas to potential investors, you can do so through online communication. Therefore,

Bosses Can Be Vulnerable, but Cannot Let It Show

You are only setting yourself up for failure if you think that you can be the perfect boss and you have no flaws. You need to be realistic in thinking that you might also commit mistake and become vulnerable.  When you were raised to your current post, you did not know everything. You tried learning

Tips to Help Slow Employees Speed Up Learning

It is common for some companies to have employees who are quite slow in catching up with the pace of everyone else. Sometimes, you already knew that the employee will be slow, but you decided to hire due to undeniable skills. It is okay to be slow as long as the results are accurate. Besides,

Tips to Have an Effective Video Conference

Video conferencing is a common tool these days for companies. It allows employees in different areas to connect without having to meet in one area. It also allows business pitches to happen without seeing the potential investors. Technology has evolved drastically in a way that it is now convenient to conduct a meeting any time.