Advertising in the Fake News Era is a Huge Challenge

Fake News

The rise of fake news has paved the way for the drop in trust among establishments. This does not just include the government, but also businesses. In a recent survey, there was a huge drop in the trust ratings of businesses and media all over the world. Traditional marketing techniques such as radio, TV and even the internet are no longer considered reliable.

Considering the lack of confidence due to confusing information being put out, it is a huge challenge among business owners to find the right strategy to still gain the support of many people. The decrease in trust has also led to the massive drop in the overall sales of companies recently.

Spread positive reviews

There are people who would rather trust the word of mouth coming from other ordinary people than advertisements. This is why you need to invest on positive reviews. If you have read a positive review about your company, make sure that you spread this information to as many platforms as possible. You may also ask your current customers to drop a testimonial. Putting a face on the brand makes them trust the company more.

Keep up with SEO techniques

SEO Strategies

SEO is a strategy where your website comes out on top of search engines when people search for information. Usually, people trust the ones that appear on the first page. Others are too lazy to continue searching towards the next pages. The problem with SEO is that it changes a lot. Before you know it, a new strategy has been born. Find people to work on these strategies and learn the better techniques to improve your game.

Consider some comments

It helps that you read some of the comments in social media, but don’t obsess in all of them. Take note that not all these comments are helpful. Some of them might even pull your company downwards. You should have someone analyze the data and summarize the best possible strategies you can use to improve your company moving forward.

Appreciate negative reviews

Don’t feel bad if people say something negative about your company. It is normal. You have to embrace these reviews and use them to be better in the future. Some of those comments might be legitimate and should not be ignored. However, you should also remember that wrong information could easily spread. They might say something bad about your company which is totally untrue. For instance, there was one time when someone posted a disgusting image of a food ordered from KFC. There was immediate clarification and statement released after investigating that the image was untrue. You should be quick in clarifying the truth before it is too late.

Social media companies have been working really hard to fight fake news. However, we now have a platform that harnesses fake news. You can only improve your strategies so that no amount of fake news can pull your company down.

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