Acceptable Ways to Decline a Job Offer

Declining Job Offer

Once you received a job offer, you will feel very excited about it. You worked hard to get that job. However, there are instances when you felt like that job isn’t a match for you. As such, it’s in your best interest to decline the offer. These are some tips to help you say no to a job without hurting your potential employer.

Let the employer know immediately

Let the employer know immediately

If you decided not to except the job, the employer has to look for someone else to fill the post. You can’t delay your response or else it would also affect the company. The human resource department has to find someone to take the job and go through an entire process again. You need to be polite by letting the company know as soon as possible.

Keep it simple

If you decided to respond via an email, you have to make your response is short and a simple as possible. You can provide a reason for the decline, but you don’t have to explain everything. You also don’t need to provide specific reasons since the employer will understand that you already declined.

Express your gratitude

It was such an honor for you to have even received the chance to get an interview. The fact that the employer chose you by giving a job offer means that they really like you. There were other candidates, but they let go of them to accept you. Since you’re declining the offer, the least you can do is to express your gratitude. You can also hope that you will have possible opportunities to work together in the future.

Express your intention to keep in touch

The primary reason why you declined is that there are other job opportunities waiting for you. You think that these posts are better than the one offered by the employer. However, even if you decided to decline, you still have to express your intention to keep in touch. There’s a chance that your paths will cross again in the future. You want to maintain a cordial relationship with the employer. Besides, these employers might be connected with other VIPs and CEOs. If you already have a bad track record due to your terrible attitude, it could reach other potential employers. You won’t find a job that you want because no one would love to give you a job offer.

The point is that it’s okay to decline the offer as long as you’re polite enough in your response. If the potential employer insisted that you provide a reason for declining the post, you have to say it’s for personal reasons. They won’t insist on it anymore since they will respect whatever reason you have. It might be a risk to decline the job since you couldn’t find a new job soon. However, you can’t except a job if you think you won’t be happy if you do so.

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