Common Mistakes to Avoid When Expanding Your Business Networks

Expanding Business

It’s important that you keep on expanding your network to find possible partners to help you boost your company. You also want help in informing potential customers about your products and services. With an expanded network, the opportunities are limitless. However, in your effort to reach out to others, you end up committing fatal mistakes. These are some of the mistakes you need to avoid. 

Being too pushy 

After getting to know someone who could potentially help grow your business, it doesn’t mean your connection will go to another level. It only means that you have an acquaintance. You can send an email to introduce yourself and establish a connection. However, it doesn’t mean that you will immediately have a collaboration coming soon. Avoid pushing for something to happen when it’s clear that the other party isn’t interested. Once you established yourself and the business, it’s easier to start something. 

Sending too many messages

It’s understandable that you want to establish a connection. It begins by sending messages. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep bothering the other person in an effort to take your relationship to another level. If you get no response, it means that you have to wait. The other party might still be busy, or has no interest in doing anything with you. If you’re lucky to receive a message, you need to take it slow. Don’t show how excited you are since it could derail your plans. 

Asking someone else to respond for you

Asking someone else to respond for you

There are times when you’re too busy, and you allow your secretary to handle communications on your behalf. When it’s for routines tasks and transactions, it’s understandable. However, when you’re still trying to start something with a potential partner, you need to do the job yourself. You don’t want the other party to think that you’re not interested, and you only request someone to transact for you. 

Not being consistent 

You might only be excited with the potential partnership at first. Eventually, you lose interest and not respond at all. If you don’t intend to take your partnership to another level, it’s understandable. You still need to send a message to express your intention, or lack of interest. It’s a polite way of doing things. Besides, you don’t know what’s waiting for you in the future. Your paths might cross again. Therefore, you need to end in a positive note. 

You have to be smart in making partnerships with anyone. You don’t want to end things before they even begin. The industry also runs in circles. You don’t want to burn the bridge with anyone since the word could easily spread. You won’t feel good when you get shunned by everyone because of your terrible attitude. Besides, expanding your network is only the beginning. You want to introduce yourself as someone with great ideas, but also has a good attitude. 

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