How to Help Employees Who are about to Retire

Employee Retirement

Many employees are looking forward to retirement day. It’s the day when they don’t have to work anymore. Their lives will change forever, and they can’t wait for it to arrive. While it can be exciting, it also makes many people worry. It’s a new chapter, and it’s normal to feel that way. Here are some tips to help retirees.

Tell them the office doors are always open

Tell them the office doors are always open

One of the reasons why retirees worry is they won’t have a huge social circle anymore. They’re not ready to face an empty schedule after years of being too busy. Let them know that their colleagues will always be there. If they wish to visit the workplace, they’re welcome. They will still be invited to future gatherings. Retirement doesn’t change the relationships forged over the years. 

Offer financial assurances 

Retirees will depend mostly on their pension for finances. They have no other choice, unless they managed to start a business. It’s another reason why they worry about retirement. Let them know that there’s nothing to worry financially. They already have a secured pension. If there are other benefits, they could receive for being a loyal employee over the years, let them know too. 

Link them with other retirees

Fellow retirees will help them get through this difficult phase in their life. They can help with the transition phase, which is usually the most challenging. There will be recommendations on the activities to do or organizations to join. Life can still be meaningful during retirement. It might take time to figure things out, but it’s possible. 

Give them a significant responsibility 

Apart from finances, retirees worry about not being useful anymore once they stop working. Others even feel like they didn’t accomplish enough while working. Hence, before retirement, offer them a significant project. Allow them to lead a big event or anything meaningful. Of course, you do it with their permission. You shouldn’t worry since they’ve been around for many years. They know how to handle these responsibilities. If it turns out well, they will remember the significant project forever. They will also be grateful for your trust. If it helps to include other employees to make the project happen, allow them to pick the members.

Remind them to be optimistic 

You have no idea how terrible retirees feel close to the retirement day. They worry about too many things. A simple reminder to be optimistic would suffice. Tell the other employees to also help them project optimism in life. 

There’s no easy way to get through this phase. It applies to any other major changes in life. Being there to help retirees is a sign of good leadership. It shows that you don’t only care about employees who will be with the organization over a long time. You also care about those who are about to leave. 

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