You Can Succeed as a Leader Despite Being an Introvert


Being an introvert and a business manager at the same time can be very difficult. You are used to your own space. You are not really keen in mingling with other people. You want to get things done on your own. However, due to the nature of your job, you might have to start going out of your shell and be friendlier.

Although your personality is a factor affecting your job, studies have shown that introversion is not the only reason. Expectation also has something to do with it. When you have lower expectations, you tend to step up and try things out. For example, delegating tasks to your employees would require you to speak with them and making them understand the said task. If you only expect to face them privately and have a simple conversation, you lower the expectations and you feel more encouraged to do the job.

However, if you expect that you become really good friends and you can easily convey the message without sweating it out, you will feel pressure. This is what makes you hold back. You will then start to think that you are an introvert and you could not handle the job.

Personalities are not fixed

Another thing you need to understand is that just because you feel like you are an introvert and you hate facing other people does not mean you will remain the same forever. It is possible for you to change. Personality is more malleable than what you seem to believe. You just need a little push so you can see your own strengths and abilities. You also need to be more open to experiences you have never tried before.

Speaking of personality, it is not really your introversion that holds you back but your outlook in life. If you tend to be more optimistic, it would be easier for you to take on leadership roles. There are a lot of opportunities where you can step up and show your leadership skills. You just have to take a step back and think that you have what it takes to get the job done.

Business Leader

This is not just a theory, but studies have proven this several times. There are a lot of introverts who eventually became leaders in various fields. It took them a while to get there, but they did. They just need to start changing their perspectives, be more optimistic and believe in their capabilities even more. It is a process. Don’t try hurrying things up. You can take baby steps until you have successfully done a full leap.

Given all these reasons, it is pretty clear that being an introvert should not stop you from taking on leadership roles.

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