Millennials Leave Jobs Frequently for a Reason


It seems like a lot of millennials who are venturing into their first jobs don’t stay long. This is one of the reasons why a lot of companies fear hiring millennials. Even if they are highly qualified and they have good education background, they are still not chosen for the job. For a lot of companies, hiring someone who is going to leave soon is a waste of time, money and effort.

On the other hand, as a business owner, you need to understand that you just can’t let them go especially if they really are perfect for the job. The best thing to do is understand the reasons why they leave and perhaps address these problems.

They don’t see an opportunity for growth

Younger people are usually ambitious and are driven by the opportunity to move up the ladder. If they don’t see this as a possibility in your company, they would easily jump to other opportunities that they can find. Therefore, if you have found someone qualified for the job, let this person see the possibilities along the way and what can be done to move up the company. If they see this as something that could happen for real, they will most likely stay.

They want to go back to school


This is an easy problem to solve. A lot of millennials are not satisfied with just a college degree. They see the value of getting postgraduate degrees so they can eventually find a better job that has a higher pay. If you let them know that they have this opportunity in your company without leaving, they will surely accept the offer. You don’t even need to send them to school. They just want the assurance that they are given flexibility in time and job description while they are studying.

They are eager to learn new skills

The company must always provide an opportunity for growth. If there are seminars or conferences elsewhere that people can learn from, some employees should be sent there. It is better if the opportunity is rotated and not just the same management level people getting the chance. This must be an all-expense paid trip where they just have to show up and learn.

They don’t seem to like the working environment

Companies should be more flexible with the kind of working environment they have. Employees should be allowed to have a more relaxed environment and even flexibility in terms of how long they have to work and where they decide to work provided that they can do what is required of them. If the company is too strict especially when it comes to what employees can wear or how long they have to spend inside the office, millennials will surely stay away.

There are job applicants who are younger but are not highly qualified for the job so you won’t have second thoughts letting them go. However, if they are worthy for the job, you must try to evaluate your company and determine how you can entice them to accept the job and stay.


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