Ways to Make Viral Content for Your Business

Viral Content

Online marketing is key to success for several small businesses today. We have even seen overnight successes because of quality online advertising. If you want to ensure that people will be familiar of your business, you need to focus on content that will most likely go viral. It is not easy, but it can be done.

Dont fake it

Before you focus on what you can do to ensure that the content goes viral, you need to remember first that there is no shortcut. You might decide to buy likes and followers, but they wont help make your post viral. The accounts you bought dont have real people, so you cant expect your products to be popular. Allow content to go viral naturally.

Dont be afraid to shake things up

One of the reasons why some posts become viral is because they shake things up. They raise some controversies. As the old adage goes, bad publicity is still publicity. It does not mean you will spew hatred, anger and division. You can write opinions that are not too popular but are not necessarily hateful. If you are making videos, you can try things people would not do, or think about. The novelty of the idea could be the key in stirring things up.

Keep the content coming

If you put something out and it did not become viral as you would have hoped, you might give up and say that online marketing does not work. You need to change this attitude. Yes, some people hit the jackpot and become viral with just one content. However, for businesses, it takes time. You also need to bombard people with interesting content. You can diversify the content you publish to make it interesting for them. Use lots of visuals since they are appealing.

Stir social discussions

Using your social media account, you can post questions that allow social discussion. The question might be a bit controversial to ensure that the discussion goes a long way. Of course, the conversation needs to be relevant with what you are selling. This type of discussion empowers the people.

Stir social discussions

Use social media influencers

You can have a leg up by maximizing social media influencers. They have proven influence in the market. People believe in them. They are not your usual celebrities whom people cannot relate with. They are regular people who speak their truth. If you can use them to your advantage, it would be easy for you to increase engagement and boost followers.

Keep videos short

If you are using videos, make sure they are short. Videos that last for several minutes usually dont go viral. People have no time going through a long video especially if they can have the gist in a few seconds. It is a challenge for you to compress everything you want to say in a short video, but you need to do it.

It is not easy going viral today given the amount of content people have to deal with each day. However, if you are smart and you study your market well, your content could go viral.

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