Tips to Help Your Employees Who Currently Face Mental Health Issues

Mental Health of Employees

You might have some employees who face mental health problems due to various factors. It’s even worse now that they have to stay home due to the lockdown policies. Not everyone is doing well because of these measures. As a business owner, you shouldn’t only be concerned of your profits. You should also find a way to help your employees who face mental health issues.

Keep in touch with them in private

If you can call your employees or send them a message, it would help. You want them to feel that they can count on you for help. They might not find it easy to discuss with you about their mental health issues at first. However, if they feel comfortable, they might start to open up. The truth is that you should always be available for them not only at this time, but even in regular working days. Everyone goes through challenges, and it’s not easy to keep everything inside.

Recommend support groups 

If your employees have problems but are not keen in discussing them with you, you can recommend support groups. They can talk to other people who can relate to them. Whether it’s drug addiction, alcoholism, or gambling problems, there are support groups available for them. You don’t need to force them if they don’t want to, but make them aware that it’s an option for them.

Support mental health care fees 

Some of your employees might already need help from a mental health professional. It’s not enough for them to simply discuss issues with someone they know. They would rather have someone who knows how to navigate they are difficult emotional struggles. The only problem is that they might not afford paying for a mental health professional. You have to let them know that you can support them by paying the necessary fees.

Hold group meetings 

Hold group meetings

Several companies are doing regular meetings even during the quarantine period. You can do the same thing. However, instead of only talking about topics related to your business, you can have other discussions. Use the time to check in with them and make sure that everyone is doing well. You can also play some fun games and getting-to-know activities. Your employees just need someone to talk to, and not feel alone. Avoid conducting meetings that will make your employees feel immense pressure to deliver.

It’s not an easy time for everyone. It’s something that no one has ever faced before. We just have to be there for each other. It’s not time to bring back all work-related issues or bear grudge against other people. If there are people around us who face mental health issues, we need to be kinder to them. You also have to evaluate yourself and see if you are doing well. You might think that you’re fine, but you also go through a lot of challenges.

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