The World is Moving Away from Resumes and Why It’s a Good Thing


Before you apply for a job, you should have a resume. You spend days or even weeks polishing your resume. You also have to update it every now and then to reflect your improvement and accomplishment. At the same time, you also feel bad especially if the employer did not respond to your job application at all. You think that the resume that you have worked hard for days is not effective.

The resume is just a reflection of everything that you stand for, have accomplished or are capable of, that will tell the company it is in their best interest to hire you. There are other ways for them to know these details without necessarily asking a resume from you. This is why the world is already moving away from resumes and businesses would gladly accept someone who has not even submitted any resume.

Resumes are just simple documents

They may reflect some facts about a person’s achievement or abilities, but they don’t really provide quality information or context about the totality of the applicant. The specific experiences that has made the applicant qualified or not won’t be reflected on the resume. Besides, some people could embellish their resume to create a picture that they are highly capable when in fact they are not.

Skills are more essential

Resume Skills

Resumes usually reflect titles previously held but the skills are not really highlighted. The truth is that skills matter more than anything else and they are not shown on the document. Companies today prefer searching for someone who has the ability and the attitude that would make them qualified for the job. Previous titles or positions don’t really matter much.

Unintentional biases occur because of resumes

Hiring managers are trained to find the best people for the job. Sadly, there are times when their personal biases get in the way. For instance, they prefer rejecting applicants whose names they could not pronounce. They might also choose those whom they have similar likes and interests even if they are not necessarily qualified for the job. People are misjudged based on a piece of document and it is a huge loss for several companies.

A lot of people don’t have resumes

You might have spent a lot of days creating a quality resume but there are people who don’t bother at all. They are satisfied with not having a resume and they land a job anyway. The key is that there are companies that are willing to accept them based on the skills and performance they have exhibited rather than the document showing what their past accomplishments are.

This serves as a lesson to companies that getting the best people for the job is not just about a resume. You should start moving away from making judgment based on a document that doesn’t really show the totality of the applicant. There could have been better people for the job but they are excluded from consideration simply because they have not created a quality resume.

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